Secure and analyze all of your files.

How Does It Work?

Start With Tracking Files At The Lowest Level

Many security-based software programs—particularly those that search for malicious software such as antivirus software—scan the entire operating system (OS) to search for potential malicious processes and files. Unfortunately, these programs take hours to complete because they interrupt the natural OS environment to pull information from signature analysis. The result is a wildly inefficient process that dramatically impacts system performance.

Our Guards uses proprietary algorithms to identify a File Copy or File Movement. The approach to wait for the OS to "naturally" report up and then use algorithms to identify File Copies or File Movements is designed to improve speed and efficiency. The novel approach has a temporary workload between 1 and 10 percent and takes about 30 seconds to execute. The result is the most efficient mechanism to track files in near, real-time on all major platforms.

Enabling You to Become a Security Jedi

We extend access to your files remotely with the best security tools. The Guard communicates logical and physical attributes of your files with a remote server. This allows the Guard to correlate all instances of a particular file on each physical device. We then distill all this information into a manageable dashboard. You can login to the dashboard allowing to you remotely communicate with the Guards to then control your files.

First, we give you a remote wipe capability. We also give you a remote encryption capability. We also give you a file tracking system. This allows you understand when and where your information is at anytime. These capabilities allows you to prevent, track, and recover from potential data breaches. Now, you have the security tools to track and control your information.