Remotely Control Your Files

Anytime, Anywhere

The first Advanced Persistent Defense platform

How do you control your information?

Spotlight has developed proprietary semi-autonomous software agents—we call them Guards—to control your information no matter where it goes. This is the first ever Advanced Persistent Defense (APD) platform in the world. With a simple click, you can remotely wipe sensitive information across all devices and storage locations, encrypt files, or carry out any other command you can think of ... the possibilities are endless. Our unified platform tracks every one of your files; it doesn't matter whether someone copies it, moves it, or transfers it to the cloud. This turns an average user into a security Jedi. You now have a complete picture of where your information is and what people are doing with it.

Remote Wipe

DocRemover is a product that remotely tracks and controls user information and works seamlessly with any e-mail system, webserver, or cloud-based service. It includes an advanced file tracking mechanism and a remote wipe capability. Unlike other remote wipe options that simply remove a folder, DocRemover tracks every file instance and copy across all devices and storage locations. When you are ready and with a simple click, our Guard technology springs into action and securely removes your selected file on every device by overwriting the file seven times. DocRemover is designed for users that need to keep tabs on their confidential information.

Encrypt Capability

DocSafe is a software application that creates a virtual safe to protect your information. It includes a remote encryption capability. DocSafe is particularly beneficial for users that need to temporarily encrypt files, e.g., organizations that share sensitive information with others to conduct business and do not trust those organizations to protect their data. DocSafe helps protect these organizations from internal and external threats, and provides temporary file security protections throughout forensic investigations.

Track Your Files

DocLocator is a software application that enables swift forensic investigations. It includes advanced analytic tools to track and analyze file events. DocLocator reliably and accurately logs every file event across every device, accelerating the pace of post-data breach investigations. DocLocator can reduce overall data breach costs and potentially shrink business recovery times from months to weeks.