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End-Point Security

Remotely control your information anytime, anywhere

How much does a data breach cost?

Criminal data breaches will cost businesses a total of $8 trillion over the next five years, according to a global report from U.K-based market intelligence firm Juniper Research. Even if your organization is not breached, can you be confident with whom you share your files? End-point security solutions monitor internally but what about files shared with others? How do you keep control over your information when sharing in a borderless Internet?

How do you control your information?

Spotlight has developed proprietary semi-autonomous software agents—we call them Guards—to control your information no matter where it goes. With a simple click, you can remotely wipe sensitive information across all devices and storage locations, encrypt files, or carry out any other command you can think of ... the possibilities are endless. Our unified platform tracks every one of your files; it doesn't matter whether someone copies it, moves it, or transfers it to the cloud. This turns an average user into a security Jedi. You now have a complete picture of where your information is and what people are doing with it.

What's the value in the Guards?

This allows an average user to control their files remotely on any end-point. With the Guards automation , you do not need to hire more security professionals and can help turn a user or IT professional into a security Jedi. The Guards are like hiring a team of full-time security employees to monitor and control your information at a fraction of the cost.

How do the Guards work?

First, our Guard indexes your system. Unlike anti-virus software programs that take hours to index the system, our Guard technology can index your system in minutes. Then our Guard technology uses proprietary algorithms to identify all significant file events in real-time: creation, deletion, copies, movements, and modifications. The Guards communicates these events to a central server. You then login into your dashboard, on the central server, to see what is occuring with your files. This allows you to remotely see and manage your files before the bad guys do.

Keep Information Confidential

Unlike file-sharing software programs that lose track of files once they are moved—or limit user control once they are sent, our Guard technology enables all users to keep their information confidential. Our technology can control information no matter where it goes because the APD platform works with any hardware, software, cloud, or mobile-based environment, and can remotely encrypt and delete all instances of a file from all end-points.

Streamline Forensic Investigations

Most forensic investigators struggle to piece together disparate and disjointed information flows—often from multiple sources—to examine data breaches, a process which can take months. With our Guard technology, organizations can easily track all file events before an incident and in one centralized repository. Organizations can quickly rebuild the crime scene. Now, you can focus on mitigation and implement controls to stop future breaches.

Insider Threats

Our Guard technology provides enterprise level customers with a robust mechanism to identify file event behavior in real-time. Organizations can then seamlessly integrate our technology with other internal security features and analytic capabilities to track misuse and improve visibility into employee activity.

Adapt to New Threats

Spotlight has designed the Guard technology to rapidly adapt to threats. Our technology is more agile than any other competitor’s technology, because we enable remote control of your files for you. We don't use signatures. We don't sell you on machine learning or artificial intelligence. Our Guards are intelligent in tracking all your files remotely. This allows you to then easily make individual security decisions.